Where am I now?

Life used to be a series of novelties, self-indulgences and mistakes. Now in my thirties, it’s about patience, sacrifice and growth. The challenge is making sure the patience is born out of passion; the sacrifice out of love for something greater and growth out of mistakes new and old. Reminder to self – Don’t get […]

My Vujicic Experience

Manipulative, deceitful, exploitative… the event organisers who had capitalized on the image of it’s key note speaker, were pushing me to the brink of patience. They denied us an itinerary and refused to reveal when he would appear. The conference itself was a sham; conmen blatantly hawked their own business interests to attendees who had paid […]

Dear Jesus,

I want to hear your voice even when I’m asleep. I want to awake from the illusion of you… I want to feel your hand on my back, burning and tingling and reassuring me. I want to see your feet, inches away from mine. I lay my heavy head on your chest. I want to hear […]


  I was here… simple, elegant yet powerful. What is it about this song that empowers, inspires and brings the soul to the surface? Parts of the lyrics that strike me the most: I wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time Know there was something that, meant something that I left behind When […]