Inter-Species Genocide

It is a war of eons; a reflexive and instinctual savagery that must go on. Unrest between our two species has been perpetual, inevitable and some would say even necessary. For each fights to survive and sustain its own self and its species by being dependent on the other’s discomfort or demise.

The war has been raging for a few weeks now. In past years, the battles have been typically isolated and fought between individuals upon chance encounters. But now, they come in numbers too great to be merely slapped out of the way. They come in with strategy and force too terrifying to be conceived by souls untainted by battle. No longer do they cover under the protection of darkness; they ride in the open, with a single-minded ravenous appetite for blood.

I must say, I am a reluctant warrior. Only in the confines of a life devoid of sanctuary from the enemy can one truly unearth the animal of self-preservation. I am no longer kept captive by civility. I unlatched the gates and allowed a more primal me to take over.

And so, today, I purchased almost every available arsenal at my disposal – sprays, coils, and electric thingamabobs that were supposed to eliminate the enemy. I was tired of smacking away at my knees, claves, thighs, hands, toes and ears. They were more silent these days. You didn’t know they had been on you till they had left, with a portion of you tucked away in their bellies. They just came like a lose black cloud and distracted you while their comrades violently pierced your flesh and systematically drained you of your life source.

So, I sprayed and lit and switched my weapons on. Then I sprayed some more. The doors are shut and they cannot escape. I sprayed without restraint and shut doors as I made my way to my one and only safe place, my room. As I close my eyes, I can almost hear their cries of disorientation and agony. But, I failed to consider one factor – the space under my door.

Even as I write this, the stench of the poison in the air, meant to destroy my mortal foe, seeps through the cracks and into my lungs. If I should not see the light of another day, humanity must know I went down a warrior. It’s them or me now.

Never go into battle alone. I am in my room. Send aid. Send deliverance. Send me a prayer.

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