Neverending Spring

Neverending Spring

(Inspired by Dance with Me, Jesus Culture -play before reading)
Even in these tropics, the winter was long,
darkness always lurked,
the sun hid behind a thick veil
yet, no one knew it was all wrong.
Still a sound, that had played for ages,
ran up the steeper hills
and mountains too high to look down from,
to break the cramped, icy cages.
it was heard, then heard no more
though it had still played
all through the bleakness,
and plays evermore – on every desserted shore.
It was the sound of Spring blowing
first a whistle, then a horn and a trumpet
“Pass the winter! Dance into spring,
Turn your ears to the song of my calling!”
And it ran over winter, over it all on a wing,
ever fruitful, ever growing, ever reaching
up and up, no trellis – just to dance
in the wind – for it is Spring!
Here at the field, Finally I meet,
my Fair One; there will be
no other lover for me, who will play the
song of songs – as we sway light on our feet.
(video from Youtube, thank you )

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