love it all

I love life… everything about it. I love that it’s challenging. I love that it has some really sad moments. I love that sometimes a few really happy moments burst in to make your day. I love looking forward to things. I love running away with myself in my head. I love that there’s music galore on the internet to match just about every mood I’m in. I love the ‘life’ some people manage to capture through books. I love that I’ve been taught how to hope and dream. I love that no matter how disappointed I am with others, I can always count on myself to live up to my own expectation – or at least try to. I love that I have lived to see myself grow on the inside. I love that all life is about second, third, fourth… chances. I love that we have to use every ounce of our God given ability to make life beautiful in a way that’s just right for us. I even love silly people, because through them you can see where you may be going wrong. I love that no matter how long you live, there’s still room to experience the thrill of novelty. I love God. And I love that my God loves me.

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