The sun. What a wonderful element of nature. Our only star. Emblem of all that is good. Golden orb that makes life as we know it possible. Right?


Bless the follks who toil under it for a living everyday.

Today, it baked me from the outside in till I felt like the stuff that needs to be scraped off the bottom of the oven during its annual cleaning. Roasting in my own brand of marinade I tried to concentrate on my duties – to supervise sports training for primary students at a local stadium. First came the unpleasant stickiness that makes you wonder if you had remembered to roll on the deodorant that morning. I did. Then, the skin starts getting tight and clammy at the same time. You walk around, trying to ignore the salty trickles down your back and the gradually building stench that is you, thinking this has to be some sort of mistake. The power to focus goes right out the window, followed closely by manners and temper. And before you know it, there you are barking orders at sweaty children and snapping at other teachers who are as edgy as you are. Finally, comes the inevitable energy sapping migraine – the disorientation is complete.

Lord I love the sun, but from the shade.

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