Road Kill

Today I had a new experience with an old cliche.

The morning began with a mad dash to work, where I was at before the birds were up. Then came a long day under the naked Malaysian heat at the stadium, where a few hundred loud, perspiring,  restless school kids practiced track and field events. My job was to keep kids off the track and raise flags that must have been invisible to them. By lunch, we were back at school continuing lessons, desperately attempting to get back into the daily routine.

I got home and slumped on my bed for a 40 minute nap. I woke up after a 2 1/2 hour coma and caught myself in front of the mirror on the way to the shower.

I actually jumped. And could have sworn I heard loud horns blaring!

All that was left was for someone to rip my clothes up a little (and maybe some weight loss to flatten me out)  -and voila! Bonafide Road-Kill!



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