I’ll study right after this…

I love to hit the books. That feeling of walking away from the desk with your brain actually feeling heavier is priceless!  Having started on a course while working is turning out to be no easy endeavour. To make things worse, I am the mother of all procrastinators and my brains may just be a wee bit rusty.

If I don’t watch it, it may end up like my half-baked attempt at learning the piano (and I was still a carefree schoolgal back then), or worse that guitar under the staircase that’s now home to a range of 6-8 legged bugs. I also have all the material and half the assignments for a quick course in Teaching English as a Second Language under my desk. But, this course is different! I am committed to it!


So, in an attempt to get my rusty brains cranking I googled ‘rusty’. I should have been more specific in my search; ran into this tip on how to get rust off your tools with baking soda and lime juice. There’s this guy drawling on about how to make the mixture and smear in on the rust till it dissolves. He just cracked me up! I just wish there was some miracle cure I could whip up in the kitchen for what I have. A tablespoon of ground chilli and ginger applied to the tip of the ear lobes would stimulate blood vessels in the brain and enhance the absorption rate of….

And here I am blogging about this ridiculous non-escapade; I am now the Queen Mother of all procrastinators!


Pix from here.

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