waiting in the wings

Within the gently curled petals of a geranium, is a performer waiting in the wings. Her quickening pulse is audible to none but her partner. He sits at centre stage, waiting anxiously for her to make her entrance. He has turned on the lights, He has filled the stage with His comforting presence; and they are to meet there for only themselves. Her ginger movements go unnoticed to all but Him. He knows she is about to unfurl beauty; beauty that he placed within a seed a long time ago. He felt that seed realise itself. He guarded it from the elements. He glowed at the first shoots. When the weeds arose, He trampled some and watched as she outwitted others. Then, the day finally arrived when she was ready and found herself as a bud in the wings. 

In a moment, she will smile up at Him. He will receive her, graciously twirling her to her delight. They will smile and dance like she never knew she could. The sun and the wind in a playful song will lead them to and fro. The dance will be familiar and new at the same time. Growing crimson with joy she waited for the opportune moment. She was no regal rose nor exotic orchid. Yet, even this simple geranium held beauty like no other. She had struggled and groped about in the dark, feeling her way out of the darkness. When she saw the light she knew she was safe; that was enough for her. Little did she know all that she was about to be. Someone had groomed and nurtured her; and now here she was. He was waiting; she must go now. She held her breath and suddenly waltzed into the light.

Pix from highdesertvisions.com
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