God’s billboard


Towering high above a flyover, I saw a giant billboard screaming something I did not care to read. It was huge. It had to be – for the people driving way below to notice from a distance. They are all over the place now, vying for a few precious seconds of our attention. They seem to be sprouting up faster than mushrooms.

 Usually i’m oblivious to them unless there was a jam and the songs on the radio were too mind-numbing to consume the whole of my attention, but today as i drove past, I noticed it. Not the content  but the thing itself.

It was huge. Its leg alone must have been more than six feet across at the base. It spread out covering an impressive chunk of sky. That’s when I looked around it. Sky.

It gave the billboard a very pretty frame; always changing, always animated. I had driven past the mammoth billboard now but my eye was still on sky. It was beautiful. It was God’s billboard. What messages does he write on them with his ink of light and sprinkles of clouds? I think its something too precious to buy, too deep to understand and impossible to replicate. It spells different things to different eyes and hearts. Today, I read the beauty, complexity and immensity of God in it. 

I wonder what He’ll write me tomorrow…

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