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Making decisions is truly not easy for some. Take me for instance: I once spent an hour in the car driving around aimlessly looking for some breakfast. I must have passed more than a dozen options but I simply needed to know what else there was available. And when I finally covered a sizable radius from my house, i went back and did it all over again. Yes, it may be a sign of some mental imbalance, but the point is too many people find it hard to make decisions.

We worry that the ones we make will turn out to be wrong; and usually they do. Even decisions made based on carefully gathered data tend to go wrong. But there are those rare moments when you are absolutely released after making a choice; a moment where control meets destiny, and you know that you have made a life altering decision that empowered you to be more than you anticipated. The kind of decisions that in hindsight 20 years down the road, would still be a great idea.

How do we arrive at these? I had a little glimpse of this. Make the decision with your heart, but make it without too much pressure from emotions. Make it based on sound principals you know to be true. Make it without fear of losing control. Make it with a little faith that God is in control. Most importantly, once you’ve decided to make a decision based on these, stand by it. It doesn’t matter what ‘they’ think. Only that you are paving your road yourself under guidance from a higher power. It will not always be easy, but at least you’re doing more than simply getting swept along like a lot of people. We’re all going to end up at the end of the same road, some will walk, some take the jet and don’t kid yourself, it may be more glamorous, but it’s still as brief. For me, all that matters is the integrity I tried to carry along which reflect in the decisions I make. Well, at least at times when I managed to drag myself to shore long enough.

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