where’s our stake?

Ever wondered what you’re worth?

How are we valued? By our looks? Wealth? Intelligence? Connections? Why can’t we live like it wasn’t too late? Not all of us have the luxury of life changing near death experiences.

Looks. It is wonderful to be blessed with. Some go to great lengths to surgically carve out of themselves that which was not divinely bestowed. Those who lack the perfect head of hair (too close to home here) or who have skin a shade too deep, better have great personalities to make up for it. Does this mean good looking people get away with being daft? Look around and you’ll see this is true in more circumstances than you’d like to admit. If there’s one element in nature that plays fair, it’s time. Age renders all creatures less appealing, albeit at varied paces (this rhetoric does not apply to Richard Gere). But we all wrinkle at some point or other. (Botox users exempted; but eventually even they’ll look like the frogs you disect in science class – stretched out and pinned at the edges).

Wealth. Black Tuesday 1929. Lehman Brothers. Merill Lynch. Enough said. It can all collapse within the double click of a mouse.

Intelligence. Now this is a commodity that is worth its weight in gold if we had only learnt to measure it a little more accurately. Granted, most professors are where they’re supposed to be, getting the grants for life changing research. But who measures the intelligence and skill needed to coax a cranky 7 year old to take his grammar seriously right after recess?

Connections. Is Asia, they say life does not happen without connections. But try getting on the wrong side of the fence and see how fast you’re snipped off; something Malaysian politicians know only too well.

SO what am I jabbering on about? Relationships. It is worth noting that its always a good idea to have hands to hold and ears to listen. When you get that first wrinkle – its comforting to have someone who’s in the same boat; or at least who lies and swears they ‘don’t see a thing’. When recession hits – its convenient to have someone to buy in bulk with or for. And when you’re too tired to make clever remarks, it must be nice to simply veg-out with someone who’s not going to care that you are as sharp as a chinese soup spoon.

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