God Perspective

Look in to look out

Isn’t it wonderful how while God closes one door, He opens a window to a fresh new world? All we have to do is divert our eyes and there it is! It’s as though all heaven was waiting in hushed anticipation for us to avert our eyes to what He wanted us to see; and when we finally do, we can hear the choirs of heaven errupt in joy and our hearts sing along!

A wise person said if you keep looking back you can’t look forward. Tests are a way of taking the offensiveness out of you and leading you right (Ps 139:23,24). I’ve been puzzling over certain puzzling circumstances and it hit me- when God takes something away, get on your knees and thank Him! It means He was kind enough to spare you from whatever awaited you at the end of that road.

New love always gives new perspective. I thank God that the old is dead and the new is and will be a blessing. So don’t worry about the destination, focus on making it the the best possible journey. 

Lessons to carry into the future:-

Lesson 1: A wolf in sheep’s clothing may not always be just a cliche.

Lesson 2: Carry no offence; life is too short.

Lesson 3: Do not compromise your walk with God for love, pity, promises, desires; or over-zealous yet shallow believers anymore. You will know them by the fruit they produce (Matt 7:18). 

I am saved through Jesus (Heb 9.15) but life is also about facing the consequences of my actions (Mk 9:42-48), so I must be watchful.

And my worth is found in God because I am fearfully and wonderfully made in His image (Ps 139:14).

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