It is my birthday. I’m going to get personal.

I don’t feel any older. I’m not excited.

But it is an important year. It’s the last of my 20’s. Maybe I should celebrate. Not by the routine of painting the town red though. That has gotten old – finally. More of a personal celebration; a toast to the things I’ve accomplished so far. Hand in hand with that is of course gratitude to God for every good thing he brought into my life.

First there’s the education bit. To fill ones mind is a blessing and I thank God that He made (and continues to make) the resources available to me at every turn.

Then there’s the spiritual growth. I thought I was doing fine until a catastrophic relationship made me realize that I was actually suffering from spiritual stagnation all along. I was luke-warm; didn’t even know it! It took that battle for me to be catapulted right up to God’s feet. Walls were broken, and I’m glad. Right now I have caught on to His pinky-toe and I’m not letting go!

Someone asked me what my dreams and wishes are for the coming year. My dream is to live life a little like this:

Sing at the top of my lungs, even if I’m off key,
Read anything I get my eyes on,
Kiss every cheek with warmth,
Listen to music with my soul.

Speak love into the lives of those I love-or not,
Look into every eye I encounter,
Touch every shoulder that needs a pat,
Dance – in my car, in my room, in my mind.

Build doors that lead to better places,
Open doors that others lead me to,
Cry and laugh; ponder and meditate,
And write about all of it.

Thank You God for granting me all my heart’s desires in Jesus’ name. Amen

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