What a Day!

Today is Good Friday.

I’ve always wondered why they called it good Friday. I mean from Jesus point of view it wasn’t all that very good was it? I know the work that was done was ultimately good, but it just seems cruel and a little sadistic to call the day that your God was brutally tortured and killed a good day. There used to be other names for the day that I find more suitable: Black Friday or Holy Friday. Has a better ring to it doesn’t it?

Aside from what its called it is quite an incredible day. I mean it is the culmination of the ultimate act of love. I know that sounds so cliched but its true. Do i believe that it actually took place? That a man who said he was the son of GOD; was indeed God? That He walked and lived amongst the people?

Yes I do. My belief is an act of faith. No rhyme or reason to it other than because the bible tells me so.

And on this day in AD 33 he died because someone had to pay for all our sins. I guess God didn’t want to punish us anymore. By acknowledging that He loves us, we get to go back to him and be forgiven. We do this by acknowledging that Jesus was really His son and he really died for us. That’s what Jesus was all about; the act of God we could point to and say – You love me and You made Your son pay for my sins, I’m sorry. The death on the cross is a reminder that God loves us.

So I prefer what the eastern orthodox Christians call this day – ‘Great and Holy Friday’. That seems more appropriate.

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