Monkey See

I saw monkeys.

Real monkeys; I was parking my car. A whole family of them were casually ambling along the fence of the school I work in. I suppose they were just passing through. Monkeys don’t think much of education I’m sure. The little ones were adorable, scratching their little heads and picking their little nostrils. But the adults looked more menacing to me. No doubt, they were as vary of me as I was of them. I wondered why, since they hadn’t seen documentaries of me with my teeth barred caught on film in the midst of violent acts, as I had of them.

Then again catching sight of them in an urban environment was surreal. I had to remind myself that this area had been only recently urbanized. I probably looked more out of place to them than they did to me.
Imagine what they were saying to each other.

“Say Charles, isn’t that where your mother used to eat the lice off your head?”

“I think so Susan, It looks like it, but what have they done to the old place? Wasn’t that where your father bit my tail when I first joined the troop?”

“Yes dear. And why is that creature looking at us like that. Do you think it’s violent?”

“Of course dear, keep the kids away from it. I hear these crazy creatures eat our brains – while we’re still alive!”

“Oh the horror! Charles let’s get out of here.”

“To where honey? Everywhere we turn all I see is those strange cold trunks with shiny patches stretching all the way to the sky. Those creatures seem to live inside them. No branches to lie on, no fruits to snack on and worst of all hardly any leaves for the loo! It’s all one big zoo up here!”

Well you get the picture. So I moved out of their way and hoped they would leave my car alone.

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