Transcient Being

Had a revelation this week, but I seemed to have misplaced it.

I know it was something about spiritual growth. I felt the growth – but for a million dollars I wouldn’t be able to clearly define it. I know it involved my bad habits (I have a few). I know i feel different inside. Ah.. I’ve got it.

I have to move out of Egypt.

Well I’ve never set my feet on a desert let alone Egyptian soil, but Egypt symbolizes what God has delivered me from. I will not be defined by my past because God has forgiven me. If I don’t make the decision to forgive myself and move on, I would not have moved out of Egypt.  When i repent, I’m not only forgiven, I’m delivered. Keeping it as a lesson is good but carrying it will hold me back.

Neither am I to allow myself to be defined by all the blessings given by and expected from God (symbolized by Canaan – God’s promised land for the Israelites). He gives unto me because He wants to bless me; my attachment should be to Him and not to the things He has given me (including relationships or material blessings).

We are often branded by the culture and habits we have in relation to where we come from. I am a transient being, a pilgrim merely visiting this place; moving out of Egypt and into Canaan but I will not behave like I am from either. I make mistakes, I love, I serve, I fall and I pick myself up but through it all I’m branded with the blood of Christ; I am His and when I’m done here I will be going home to Him.

My mind may forget but my spirit feels the change.

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