Get Scrat-ish!

There’s a lot we can learn from Scrat.

Anyone who has ever seen the Ice Age movies would have been struck by the added humour brought to the screen by the mere presence of the ‘Saber-toothed Squirrel’ and his slippery acorn. He is supposedly the common ancestor of both the modern squirrel and the rat (fictional of course).  Although he has no lines, his wildly thumping heart, grunts and gulps are enough to capture our hearts, craftily eliciting chuckles from even the most mature of audiences.

What is it about this earnest prehistoric rodent that tickles us so?

His obsession with his acorn and the desire to hide it away get him into some pretty tight (and hilarious) scrapes, but is that the only reason why we find him adorable?

Jokes aside, he displays many qualities we admire amongst the best of us. An epitome of persistence, dedication, drive and focus; he pursues his agenda with a single-minded passion that evokes our empathy and support. We can’t help but to cheer him on.

But above all, he is resilient.

Crushed by a mammoth? – No problem. Trapped in an eyeball popping squeeze between shifting Teutonic plates ? – Just another day in the wild. Struck to a crisp by a flash of lightning? – Ce la vie. He keeps coming back for the object of his desire. Even a member of the opposite sex could only momentarily sway his attention (remember the cunning female squirrel in the 3rd movie?) Some might argue that his passion borders on obsession; but that’s why his story will never end.

As long as we remain resilient – neither will ours.

So what is your acorn? Love? Education? That dream job? Values you want to master? Habits that you want to be rid of?

Get Scrat-ish about it!

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