I Just Got Here

I never was one to embrace the narcissistic nature of blogs and vlogs. I shun social networking sites despite the fact that the most common thing you hear in conversation these days seems to be “are you on facebook?” Once I was even threatened (by a cousin) to be left up a tree if I did not join the facebook community. But alas, upon my safe return to the ground, I never got around to it. It just seemed to be too much of a hassle. Yet, this blog right here seems set to be the most self-indulgent one yet. It is the result of many a random thought that simply goes unexploited.

So I figured, why not? Why not let my brain drain into the net where I (or God willing others) can chew it over at another time, instead of letting it turn to a wisp of nothing. Why not talk about the things that matter to me – to a sea of POSSIBLE kindred spirits? Why not take advantage of this miracle (curse?) in communication. I do not want to sidestep the evolutionary chain of human interaction. Had I rejected the handphone? No. It now functions as a smelly blanket. I feel naked without it during the day and lost without the use of its alarm at night. I embraced email willingly enough. There’s just nothing left to do but to take the plunge.

So here I am.

As a guide for myself, I shall only touch on topics that are close to my heart – spirituality, relationships, and food; because really aside from this…what else is there to life?


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