My Story

I was lost in a world of abuse, neglect and brokenness that led me to become a young person that made a lot of poor decisions. When I had no more roads to take, I crawled the narrow path to God and He rushed in and healed all my brokenness, restored my value, renewed my thinking and even changed my appetite to only want all that is good.

My past was unwholesome and dark but God has turned them all around. The abuse is now my fuel for compassion. The neglect now opens my eyes and shows me how to love others. The brokenness helps me empathise with the broken.

Who is this God who did all this?

His name means God is with us. Yehoshua, Yeshua, Jesus.

All I had to do was open my heart and he stepped in. The minute he does, we are not the same. We have love burning through our veins and a passion for all that is good and all that is in the light.

All we need to do is to admit to ourselves that somethings in us are not of the light but of darkness. Truth really does set us free.


Where am I now?

Life used to be a series of novelties, self-indulgences and mistakes.

Now in my thirties, it’s about patience, sacrifice and growth.

The challenge is making sure the patience is born out of passion; the sacrifice out of love for something greater and growth out of mistakes new and old.

Reminder to self –

  1. Don’t get too caught up with movies – they are simply a romp through someone else’s dream.
  2. Good music is all I need to make my own dreams.
  3. Sufjan Stevens and David Gray help me slip through the fold of the mundane.
  4. Keep singing, for God and myself.
  5. Live, breathe, love whatever is in front of you.